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Dear Allen,

We are forever grateful that you were available to be our contractor for the remodel of our 1920s era home. From the very beginning, we could sense that you were a person who cared deeply about doing the job right – in our case to lovingly restore an old home. You completely understood our desire to bring our home into the modern age while not losing the craftsmanship, character, and charm of its original form.

For many clients, the working relationship with their prime contractor can become a bit of an adversarial battle. Fortunately for us, this was far from the case. All along the process, we felt that you were willing to listen, cared deeply about our project, and always had our best interests in mind. Of course, there were times when we would disagree and you would listen carefully, and then would very gently persuade us to your way of thinking. We can think of a couple of instances where your judgment and experience won out and we are thankful for it as in retrospect our ideas might easily have turned out to be big mistakes.

We have now been living in our remodeled home for about three years and still are amazed by the transformation our house has gone through. Your attention to every detail and the quality of your work is clearly evident. We have often characterized you as being a master craftsman not often found in this era of build-it-quick “McMansions.” Your integrity, experience, thoughtfulness, and intelligence provided us with the confidence we needed to get through this process with our marriage still in tact (another common challenge with a remodel!). We were also amazed by your aesthetic good taste – something that isn’t always found in a contractor.

We would also like to commend you on the people you bring to the job site. Your team of builders, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and laborers were a pleasure to work with. They were friendly, honest, extremely competent, and caring folk who treated us like real people rather than just the homeowner that required politeness. They were always available to explain what they were doing (and why), to listen, and take into consideration our desires.

For anyone reading this testimonial, we hope that it is clear that we could not recommend Allen Buschert more strongly. He is truly an artist. Spend ten minutes talking with Allen and you should get a sense of the person he is and what it would be like to work with him. If you’re looking for some hard-nosed, “type A” contractor who’s going to produce weekly spreadsheet timelines that will never be deviated from, Allen may not be your man. But if you want a caring, experienced, thoughtful, and intelligent craftsman who will act as a partner in your home’s transformation, then look no further than Allen and his team of professionals.

Thanks for the opportunity to sing your praises!

Your grateful neighbors,

Eliza and Mike Koeppel