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About Allen Buschert

Allen Buschert is a life-long contractor. He built his first (small) house at age 19 in his home state of Indiana. Allen has been a contractor in California since 1990 and has focused his building on residential remodeling in southern Marin, although he remodeled a church in Berkeley.

What is unique about Allen, is that he can actually do every trade himself. He could build a house from the bottom up by himself, from foundation to finishing to painting and even including electrical, plumbing and heating. This gives him many advantages in understanding the needs and being able to communicate with any subcontractor, in addition to being able to monitor the quality of their work.

What else is unique about Allen is that he has design capabilities. Both architects and engineers like to work with him, because he can make corrections from plan to existing building situation, which so often happens in remodeling, without having to involve the architect and/or engineer which saves both time and money.

Also, because of Allen’s artistic eye (his hobby is fine furniture making), he can help owners make choices that they will be happy to live with for years to come.